Engineer in Electronic Systems




  • "Evaluation of energy barriers for topological transitions of Si selfinterstitial clusters by classical molecular dynamics and the kinetic activation-relaxation technique". Spanish Conference of Electron Devices (CDE 2017), Barcelona, Spain. Accepted as poster. February 2017.

  • "Characterization and dynamics of Si self-interstitial clusters by self-learning kinetic Monte Carlo simulations". European School on Molecular Nanoscience (ESMolNa 2016), Tordesillas, Spain. Oral presentation. June 2016.

  • Molecular dynamics simulations of intrinsic defects in amorphous Ge. Conference on Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology 2015 (GADEST 2015), Bad Staffelstein, Germany. Accepted as poster. September 2015.

  • e-Health and Wearables Dispositives: Inminent Revolution”.  CyL Digital Magazine (3rd quarter 2014 - Nº13). Septiember 2014.


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